Michael Stahl, Longing for a Father

Michael Stahl, Longing for a Father

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Leseprobe (pdf) More and more children are growing up in a world without a father,... mehr

Leseprobe (pdf)

More and more children are growing up in a world without a father, or with a father who rejects, neglects or even abuses, instead of loves, his children.

What will become of these children and, eventually, of this world? A father is the first hero in a child´s life. He has the potential to wound but also to heal.

Michael Stahl shares with us his own difficult ‘father story.‘ He takes us to the places where he was wounded, but also to the places where he found healing, when he and his father finally became true friends.

He also tells how he was reconciled with his own son, after neglecting him as a result of the demands of his work. And he describes what he experiences in schools when he helps children and teenagers to be reconciled to each other and with their parents.

The book helps the reader discover the adventurer and hero in himself, and to satisfy the true longings of the heart. It immerses the reader in a world full of love, humility, and forgiveness, and it is a treasure trove for those searching for roots, identity, and truth.

Michael Stahl is married and has two children. He is a qualified instructor for self-defense training and works as a counselor for violence prevention for TV programs and in schools, children’s homes, prisons, kindergartens, churches, boarding schools, businesses, etc.

He became well-known as a bodyguard for prominent figures and celebrities (e.g. for Muhammad Ali and during the visit of the Pope to Germany in 2006).

He is a co-founder of the German campaign ‘True Heroes—Stars against Violence‘ and was recognized with the ‘VALUES AWARD‘ in 2009 and the ‘AWARD FOR CORPRATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY‘ in 2015.

He is the founder and director of PROTACTICS in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy and Master Trainer of MSE (Modern Self-defense Education).

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