Frank Krause, The Ghost Town

Frank Krause, The Ghost Town

The Secret of Evil; 160 S., Pb.

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Leseprobe (pdf) What is God’s present view of our world —or of our life and our... mehr

Leseprobe (pdf)

What is God’s present view of our world—or of our life and our Christianity? What is the strategy and nature of evil?

Visions can broaden our horizon and help us to see the world with new eyes. The author takes us on an imaginary journey, during which, in a series of illuminating events, Jesus Christ explains to him what ‘evil’ is. Associations and hidden agendas which we may not have seen in this way before now become obvious.

Christians and the Christian Church cannot sidestep having to deal with the subject of evil. The Ghost Town is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and insight on this topic. Sometimes, the visions are reminiscent of a ‘divine thriller,’ and eureka moments are guaranteed.

The book aims to encourage people to engage with God more deeply and to better understand their own ‘journey of faith’ with its highs and lows because it can be hard to cope with things we have not understood.

Frank Krause was born in Munich in 1965, is married to Brigitte, and has worked for more than 20 years in nursing. He has many years of experience as a pastor and is active in Christian men’s work. For some time, his main priorities have been writing and prayer. His objective is to encourage the church to embrace change. Author's website:

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