Henk Bruggeman, Living in Sonship


Revelation from the Father Heart of God; 176 Seiten, Paperback


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× Henk Bruggeman, Living in Sonship
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Henk Bruggeman contends that the church will only be completely transformed when we are prepared to trust Him in absolutely everything, that is, when we move from independence to total dependence.

Only when we receive this new revelation of the Father heart of God, can we truly experience a place of deeper, more personal intimacy with the Father.

This book will help us discover who God the Father truly is and also the ‘yet to be’ discovered potential in us.

I have been honoured to know Henk for several years. We have ministered together on many occasions, spent time together and shared with others what we have learned about the Father. We have been living a parallel journey, encountering the love of the Father, being radically transformed by it, and then ministering from it, to bring people by the Holy Spirit, into their sonship. I love Henk’s deep passion and commitment to bring this revelation to many needy people, internationally. I admire his heart and value what he has to say and have seen wonderful fruit from his ministering through his Fatherhouse Ministry.

Ian Ross, Father Heart Ministry, Canada

Living in Sonship is a deep and real journey into the heart of the Father that will certainly transform the life of anyone who reads it. Henk’s life is a tribute to this reality. He has dedicated his ministry to make this powerful message known throughout the world. As a result, he has helped many make the journey from orphans to sons and daughters of our perfect Father. The fruit of his life and ministry speaks for itself and we know that it will do the same for all who read this book.

Isabel Allum, Senior Pastor of Forest City Destiny Church

Henk Bruggeman has done an incredible job in bringing to us his revelation on what it truly means to live in freedom as a son as opposed to the opposite which is living in bondage as a slave. This is not just another book on the subject, in fact it is probably the clearest revelation that I have read on this topic. I myself am an expositor on what it is to walk in intimacy whilst experiencing the love of the Father and as a result have felt that I had received some deep revelation over the twenty plus years that I have shared on this subject but to my delight and amazement I have been taken deeper into the heart journey by Henk’s own experience and personal walk with ‘The Father’ and in that respect it is a must read for everyone wishing to experience ‘The Father Heart Of God’ as they did their spiritual conversion – it will change your life forever.

Ken Gott, Founder, House of Prayer Europe

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