Jim Gettmann, Responding to the Shofar‘s Call


Rediscovering Hebraic Christianity in the Light of Gods Original Purpose; 296 S., Paperback


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× Jim Gettmann, Responding to the Shofar‘s Call
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Responding to the Shofar‘s Call is

  • a call to rediscover God‘s original purpose for our life
  • a call to return to the simplicity of a relational walk with God
  • a call back to our hebraic roots, which are in Biblical Israel, not today‘s Jewish expression
  • a fresh and surprising look at the two most important covenants: the Mosaic Covenant and the New Covenant

Shofars, trumpets made of ram‘s horn, were used in ancient Israel to call the nation to war, to repentance, to special assemblies. Like a blast of the ancient shofar the Spirit of God is calling his church today to return to its original foundations.

What are these foundations? What does God expect of us? What roots do we return to?

This book takes us on a journey of discovery of God‘s purposes, which alone can tell us what he intended from the very beginning with the Law, as well as why a New Covenant was necessary. Only when we understand the purpose and function of the Old Covenant will we be in a position to understand the New.

Responding to the Shofar‘s Call will delight you with a common sense approach to understanding the very Scriptures which are so often used to enslave believers in legalism and condemnation. It shows how God‘s intent for church was also a little different, a little higher, than that which many have made of it. You may even learn to see your God in a whole new light and discover that you are His delight!

Jim Gettmann has been helping build churches for over 20 years. Together with his wife Linda he has been involved in different projects in countries like Austria, Kazakhstan, and Hungary. For the past few years they have been living near Rostock, east Germany with their son Jonathan where they are planting organic church.

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